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RIVL is a full service human-centered/ User-centric design consultancy. 

RIVL is a southern California based Design firm and consultancy serving the greater United States. Specializing in early start-ups and entrepreneurs looking for design and development help in bringing their product to market.

 RIVL utilizes senior level design with over 20 years of experience that oversees the design process all the way through manufacturing. Whether you’re in the early stages with market research questions, or looking to begin the design process, RIVL is equipped to assist.  

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Conceptual Design is the the first stage that includes ideation, problem discovery, human-centered analysis and user studies and demographic identification. 

We also evaluate the competitive analysis, trend studies, user demographics and UI/UX. Then, using this data we produce ideation sketches and/or 3D models for photorealistic renderings.
Mechanical Design is the discipline of making sure a design is manufacturing ready. After design  is completed, mechanical design takes the design through the next steps to make sure the manufacturing discipline can be performed without issue. 

Mechanical Design will finalize material, finishes, parting lines, and will perform what we call DFM, or Design for Manufacturing. 

After this process, we prepare the native files for transferring to you for your records and processes. 
In most cases, the prototype development process consists of a series of stages, each requiring more time and investment to produce. A prototype may look like the final version but may not be operational, while the second is operational but doesn't resemble the finished version.

Throughout the entire process, prototyping aims to get the product up and running as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

Based on the project requirements, we will identify with the client the best solution to produce the prototype method.
Good designers and good firms understand that success is about listening and understanding the problem. 

Problem first, solution second. Design is about a process that needs to be cultivated. It needs to follow the steps and that's what makes ARDG so successful. With over 25 years of product development experience, we understand what's needed and we execute on the highest level of professionalism and expertise. 
Managing a project is an art form. Whether you want to manufacture through your own facility, hire your own manufacturer, or have me assist you in that task, I can stay engaged at any capacity.

Maintenance through the manufacturing process helps guarantee the design intent stays intact and helps assist you and the factory or supplier deliver a product you want and that you are proud to offer to your customers.  
Design research is the cornerstone to a good design direction. Having a good understanding of the industry, trends and demographic a designer can establish an ethnographic scenario and design around the information obtained. 

Design Research allows a designer to focus their design efforts with a user-centered design approach that focuses on the users and the user needs. By the finding within design research is user-design achieved and executed. 


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The idea is like a lump of clay, unrefined with massive potential. 

This is the first step. 

Whether you’re looking to bring a new product to market, redesign an existing one, or hire a new development team for your long term development needs, we’re tooled to assist you. 

This stage of the process is about 
starting the process, kneading the clay and molding it into a product.  
Our Process is all about taking that idea and sculpting it into a marketable, manufacturable product.

We approach each project with your brand and users in mind. We start by asking the right questions and this helps us refine the design to become the 
perfect solution for you, your brand, your users/ customers and ultimately for you. 

Through modeling and 3D printing and prototyping we can verify the right design to move forward with. 

Molding the clay is the fun part. 
Once the concept takes shape, it’s all about refining the product to it’s final stages in the process. 

Preparing the product files for 
engineering and manufacturing is an important step not to skip.

Verifying files are complete and ready for production through MCF, FEA and DFM is what separates us from other groups. 

We understand the final steps are just as important as the first.  
When the product is finally ready for deployment, growing your business with a product you believe in and are confident with allows you to focus on the important stuff, selling and marketing. 

We don’t just make pretty pictures, even though we think they are, we focus on 
the full picture, and the full picture is about your growth after the project is done. 

So while we might be finished with the project, we want and expect our clients to have long lasting success. 

We want you to R I V L the competition and be successful.  






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