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It might be a shock, but we do not have an hourly rate. Projects are quoted on a fixed cost method that identifies the needs and/or work in a thorough statement of work that we both agree to. 

This prevents any runaway cost, project confusion or mission creep that can nickel and dime clients. 

The statement of work is broken into 3-4 phases that allow you to also pay-as-you-go.

With that being said, We don't charge extraordinary prices like some competitors. Our pricing is competitive and accessible, especially since we love working with early-stage startups, and we understand the challenges development cost can have for early companies. 


We're different in the fact that 

1) We adopt a remote model, which cuts down on overhead of large offices like our competitors.

2) We focus heavily on customer service and the customer experience working with us. We build close knit relationships with our clients/partners. 


Development cost can seem like a lot at times, however, when you factor in...

1. The importance this product or idea is to your business or future?

You should approach this like the development cost is an investment into your future and your brand. The product we help you develop will ultimately generate a profit and help sustain your business. Because of that reason alone, development cost should be considered an investment. 

2. What your investment cost will be in tooling, manufacturing, marketing and inventory?


Tooling and manufacturing is also an investment at times. Working with designers that understands the process and has worked at every stage of the process helps give you a competitive advantage other design houses and designers don't have and can't offer. From design, engineering, prototyping, documentation and manufacturing, we're well versed in the entire process, and not just a part of it. 

3. or the cost in running the business?

Hiring a designer or team because they're the cheapest can have a negative impact in all of those areas, but most specifically, a failed product will impact your business the most. 

With 25 years of industry experience, we understand how important this decision is to you and your future and because of that, we have built this process around your needs and to help consult you through every step of the way. 

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