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Design for Manufacturing, or 
DFM, happens in the final 
stages of your design. Here 
decision are made for the
design and makes sure the 
details are completed in order 
to make sure the product is 
ready for  manufacturing. 

Some of the details include; 
appropriate wall thickness for 
the material specification, 
assembly methods, screw 
bosses, strengthening ribs,
radiuses and/or any finishes. 
The 3D Solid Model will be prepared for transfer at this stage. 

Making sure manufacturing methods have been implemented into the models and components are accounted for. 

The 3D model is the forwarded on to you and an intellectual property
transfer is then awarded. 
Often times outside or sourced components will need to be identified and tested to meet standards, needs and requirements. 

These could be motors, PCB's, touchscreens, speakers, hardware, and other electric and non-electric components. Having the knowledge and expertise to identify and specify the correct components is another step in preparing the product for manufacturing. 
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