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Concept sketches are used as a rapid visualization of the idea or concept. Concept sketches help designers set the direction and path of the design or concept. It’s used to address things like relative size, ergonomics, form and function of the concept. Concept 
sketches help set the path forward for 3D modeling.  
3D modeling or computer 
aided design is taking the 
concept and sculpting it and 
modeling it in 3D software 
where I can control dimensions, 
materials, proper fitments, and 
many other details to get it 
ready for manufacturing. 
A rendering is realistic 
representation of the product. 
Here is where we make all of 
our cosmetic changes and 
make the final decision of the 
design. Because the rendering 
is photorealistic, it allows us to 
imagine and see what the 
product will look like when it’s 
complete. We also use these 
for marketing and 
UI/UX is the breakdown of User 
Interface and User Experience. 
This is the study that takes the 
user and their perception into 
account when designing a product. This could be how a product is used, and the experience a user might have while using it. How does it feel? How easy is it to use?
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